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In today's world, crime happens all the time. Especially in Turkey, research suggests that 60% of the residents do not feel safe. A few nefarious people try to vandalise companies or break into homes. Also, emergencies occur, and people are not trained to handle them efficiently. It’s time to address these dangerous situations quickly and efficiently with our personalized Turkey security service. We have a qualified team that takes relevant actions to alleviate any adverse impact of these threats.

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Being a leading Turkish security company, we offer efficient protection in the areas of physical security, electronic security and cash-in transfer. Combined with state-of-the-art technology and highly trained resources, we make you feel safe both at home and at work. Also, we take pride in our round-the-clock surveillance and faster response time. We hire security guards that have decade-long experience in the field of law enforcement and the military. From guard patrols to workplace violence mitigation, they are specialised and proactive in handling any security situation and preventing further damage. We also expect our security guards to meet the highest physical fitness standards to provide our clients with the quality it deserves. These measures that we put in place ensure maximum safety and boost your confidence in us.

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Custom-made security services in Turkey to suit your requirements

Even though protection is required 24/7, the type and amount of security service depend on your needs. As a result, our security services in Turkey are tailored to provide various options such as armed or unarmed guards, uniformed or plainclothes guards, temporary or long-term contracts to fulfill your expectations.

Physical security services

Any building requires protection from unwanted outside guests, and most organisations also restrict access to certain areas. Because of this, you need to have measures in place and implement a strategy that protects your resources and physical assets within your premises. Within our physical security services, we provide a mix of technology and in-house trained staff to help you achieve your safety goals.

Electronic security services

With the advent of electronic security technology, the need for its protection is evident. This is because threats cause damage to the software and lead to data loss. With our all-inclusive approach to supply, installation, and maintenance of security systems, we select the right technology for your business that caters to your needs.

Cash-In-Transfer services

As a valuable asset, cash requires protection. For mainly retail and financial organisations, we specialise in the secured, physical movement of money. So, if your business requires daily deposits, our employees can carry them to the bank with utmost safety.

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