Security Consulting Services

The threat landscape is evolving continuously, and we provide a holistic approach to prevent, detect and manage the impact of these risks. Our globally consistent security consulting services in Turkey help determine the quality and maturity of your company's existing security environment and take your security posture to the next level. Whether it is risk assessment, planning, policy development, or information security, we are a one-stop solution for all your security needs.

Protect Your Business with a Robust Security Consulting Agency

Based on research, $2.9 million is lost to cybercrime every minute. This means your organisation requires a security consulting agency that can create an outcome-driven roadmap and help you manage security risks. Leveraging decades of experience, our team of security consultants can build this defence strategy and look after your personnel safety, digital assets, and facilities efficiently. A critical aspect of our security consulting services is to select controls and design processes that strengthen your security posture without impacting your business operations.

Get Innovative Solutions from the Best Security Consulting Firm Whether it is websites, networks, or applications, you face security threats from everywhere these days. Digital tools used to be productive, but the ever-changing environment has made it difficult to detect and manage threats. So, how to cope with this situation? Start by changing your perspective on traditional security management and choose customised, advanced solutions.

As a security consulting firm, our services are tailored to suit your specific needs. We work with you to identify the vulnerabilities that exist in your environment and build a next-generation, agile framework that meets emerging threat assessments. With a highly trained team, we are prepared for every situation that you can face. Our focus is to build your confidence, knowing that your business is secure from every corner.

Out-play Attackers with Security Consulting Companies

Be it in any industry, the need for better threat detection is evident for the success of the business. Other security consulting companies simply notify you about the attacks by taking a basic idea of the infrastructure. We go beyond the endpoint with an expert team and get a 360-degree picture of your landscape. By extending the visibility, we can better detect suspicious activities and take smart, on-the-spot decisions to neutralise active threats.

Turkey Security Consulting Services

Turkey security consulting services with the rise in global security incidents, international travelling introduces a host of unique challenges. Risks such as localised and organised crime, terrorism kidnappings, natural disasters, civil unrest, stolen documents and robberies undermine the traveller's confidence. But, today's interconnected world and global economy demand organisations to send their employees overseas, even to unfamiliar locations. Address these problems and regain your employee's confidence with our comprehensive travel security management solution. We offer 24/7 proactive assistance and optimal advice to end every journey on a positive note.

Be prepared with travel security management services and have a safe trip For your success and operational resilience, Istanbul Limousine offers exceptional travel security management services. It provides the necessary support to ensure the health and security of your overseas working employees. With a clear understanding of the location peculiarities and voyage planning, our team gives insights to make informed decisions on safety and risk mitigation. Safety always comes first, so our goal is to take proactive measures and avoid mishaps during travel.

Ensure safety with our state of the art Travel security management system Be it for business or pleasure, Istanbul Limousine's travel security management system simplifies your journey.

Our process includes:

Planning and Preparation

With multiple discussions, our travel specialists understand the travel risks faced by your organisation and design a safety plan. The processes are structured and tailored based on the needs of your travel. We prepare an in-depth risk assessment report and use a robust methodology to select mitigation measures and unique location data. This increases your awareness and enables you to make correct decisions.

Safeguard measures

By combining world-class technology and qualified professionals, we calculate all the emerging risks that can affect your people, assets and reputation. Our real-time tracking and reporting provide the intelligence for a quick response. We follow a proactive approach and give information on health and safety issues, cultural etiquette, vaccination, climate conditions to turn away any risks and keep your employees safe.


We provide round the clock support for your employees based on their location and implement agreed response protocols. In any adverse situation, our expert team specialises in emergency evacuation and ensures your personnel's safe return.