Bodyguard Services in Turkey

Stands for high-quality bodyguard services in Turkey for safe and secure living. Popularly known as the leading bodyguard service in the state, we believe that without security, nothing else matters. Our state of the art technology that accompanies our skilled and experienced personnel are much recommended for your comprehensive bodyguard services. Our trained and qualified professional experts bring to you uncompromising security services to ensure smooth close protection.

Our professional bodyguard services are provided to an esteemed set of clientele that includes celebrities, high-ranking public officials, and VIPs for protection against threats. While public opinion is that bodyguard services are needed only when there is a risk in place, we provide regular bodyguard services for specific periods as well as regular 24/7 jobs. Specific social status, as well as increased public attention, requires meticulous protection against unwanted surveillance.

Personal Bodyguard

Our personal bodyguard services are provided by athletic, well-trained and intelligent personnel who are well-equipped to deal with tense situations. With some of them having police and military forces backgrounds, they are trained to think on their feet and be prepared for dangers on all levels. Polite in nature, they ensure that your private lives are protected, and your routine and personal secrets are protected at all times, along with your physical security.

Bodyguard Security

Our private security enables you to hire personal bodyguards for protection against kidnapping, disgruntled acquaintances and corporate crimes. Our vip bodyguard security comes with a carefully planned schedule for your day. It ensures that your routine does not get impacted by the additional personnel accompanying you for your protection. Timely sharing of information, synchronization of all parties involved in your security and high-quality vehicles empowered by the state of the art security are part of your bodyguard security package.

Bodyguard Company

Our bodyguard company brings you professional and courteous service who know the value of your time as well as security. Trained for risk assessment and management, we provide first-aid and counterintelligence services for your safety and security. Compliance with the law is one of our priorities.

Our bodyguard services ensure the utmost safety for you and your family members.