About Us

In these unprecedented times, it’s crucial to take effective measures to protect yourself from sudden threats. Going the extra mile and hiring a professional that ensures your safety is evident. You would want efficient and reliable security to handle the crisis. With our exceptional TSS security service, we can protect you or your family from theft, harassment, assault and loss of confidential information. So, if you want a bodyguard to escort you to a location or ensure your child's safety when they travel to and from the school, we have got your covered.

Customer-Centric Services

TSS Popular as one of the leading security services in Istanbul, we build a safer place for you and your family. Experts in handling any situation with empathy and professionalism, we provide comprehensive and strategic solutions that cater to your security needs. By combining technology with trained staff, we specialise in designing a proactive approach that overcomes any major incident. Our bodyguards are experts in remote real-time monitoring, digitised field operation reporting, on-time threat detection and response management to provide superior service.

Take Care Of Your Life, Property & Family With Security Services

Whether you are a high-profile celebrity or a business leader, there’s nothing more important than the safety of your life or your loved one. Ethical and efficient bodyguards from turkey security services can give you peace of mind by delivering the best protection. Our security officers are experts in the field with vast experience and are highly trained in firearm tactics, physical combat, emergency driving and first-aid. They are also trained to assess a threat, understand the risk level and plan a strategy that can help avert any significant damage.

As a reputed Turkey security company, we hire officers after stringent background checks. Also, cross verification is done with police and their previous employers. They are extensively tested for driving skills and trained for geographical knowledge. Our security officers not only have good english skills but also understand other regional dialects. They are technologically trained to be proficient and proactive in any threat situation.

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