Close Protection Services

Bring high-quality close protection services in Turkey that ensure your privacy and safety in all situations. We have a team of trusted and qualified professionals that provide physical security, risk assessments and discreet surveillance for an end to end protection. With a proven record of handling any security challenges, we bring unwavering commitment and expertise to the table that helps our clients to carry out their day to day activities without any hassles.

Feel Secure with Turkey Close Protection

Whether you are a corporate executive or a high profile person, we can provide the best Turkey close protection with our unique services. Using verbal negotiation, unarmed combat or physical restraint, our experienced officers can diffuse any hostile situation. We also provide armoured vehicles that warrant secure transportation all around the world. Quick and reliable, we aim to ensure safety at every turn and also protect your image and reputation.

Close protection security officer

The role of a close protection security officer is not easy. That’s why we choose officers trained in military combat and ensure that your daily security requirements are met effectively. They seamlessly blend in your environment and specialise in operating as a discrete force. Our officers provide round-the-clock monitoring and immediate response to any security situation by using advanced and intelligent solutions.

Close Protection security services on short notice

Threats do not come with advance notice. The ability to bring close protection security services on short notice comes with İstanbul Limousine. Bring care and meticulous attention to your security protocol with us. Ensure adequate transport facilities along with necessary accessories for close protection services. We combine state of the art technology with skilled experts to never let you feel the fear of being unprotected.

Our solutions include:

  • Robust close protection
  • Highly-trained bodyguards and drivers
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Pre-travel planning
  • Unique Tracking technology
  • Social media vulnerability assessment and deep dark web reviews
  • Location reconnaissance and logistic support
  • VIP global travel security planning
  • A Close Protection Company with industry-leading security solutions

Protect yourself and your family with one of the highly-rated close protection companies. Our speciality lies in balancing security solutions with the client’s requirements and lifestyle choices. This helps us to tailor our solutions based on your specific needs and enhance your overall security experience.

Secret Service Close Crotection

Secret service close protection The safety of a high-profile individual is of utmost importance. TSS brings experienced and highly trained security officers who provide VIP protection, escorts, security assessment, emergency crisis management and more. Facing threats of violence, personal health issues, political or social instability, and vehicle accidents often lead to uncertainity. Threats like kidnapping, theft, filming and taking pictures without consent, and invading personal space can be quite intimidating for high-profile individuals. We offer a wide range of VIP protection and security services that ensure a safe space for high-profile individuals by preventing threats accompanied by safety measures. Our VIP protection services are highly versatile and can be customized to varying needs.

VIP Protection Services

With increasing assailants targeting high profile individuals, celebrities, and politicians, it is ideal to remain proactive by being equipped with the right force. We proactively take measures to avoid all forms of threat and ensure that everyone in the vicinity remains safe and free from hostility.

  • Security risk profiling
  • Hostile Termination
  • Personal protection officers/bodyguards
  • Crisis management assessment and risk analysis
  • International Travel
  • Coordinating with law enforcement agencies
  • Passive crowd control
  • Union dispute

Our range of VIP protection services promises to provide a strategic approach to each situation and covers all aspects of your security needs. VIP protection officers are always on the lookout for unauthorised entry and prevent incidents proactively through risk mitigation.

VIP Protection Officers and Escorts for High-profile Individuals

High-profile individuals are prone to confrontation and violence, so escorts, bodyguards, and security personnel would help prevent any form of hostile confrontation and unwanted attention. They prevent this by ensuring a safe distance between the VIP and the crowd. Our range of VIP protection and security services will keep you safe while attending popular events regardless of the location. Our officers are fit and are trained to remain alert and focussed regardless of the situation.

VIP Close Protection Service

Our VIP protection officers analyse and mitigate risks proactively. They pay increased attention to detail and keep tabs on the entry of unauthorized personnel. Armed with non-lethal weapons that can temporarily immobilise assailants and troublemakers, they possess great experience in close-quarter combat. They also have basic knowledge of first aid and attend to safeguard individuals during natural disasters. We also offer security drivers who secure you during transit. We also offer security for high-profile individuals as well as their families.

Executive Protection

We bring to you exclusive security, confidentiality and protection for you, your family and your business. We specialize in providing executive protection to high net-worth individuals, key employees in businesses and VIPs. Public figures who need protection from the constant prying eyes of the public and possible threats to their lives can enable our executive protection services for safety, security and peace of mind.

Executive protection services

Our high-quality security services can be customized to suit your needs as a high-value individual. Our executive protection services include armed escorts, close personal protection, safe and secure vehicle transportation, route and venue clearance, etc. This is especially critical for international travel for celebrities, diplomats and corporate executives. Our trained and skilled escorts ensure advanced security and are prepared to handle counterattacks as well.

Executive protection agency for high networth individuals Public figures are constantly exposed to high personal risks due to career, status, net worth, affiliations and connections. Instead of waiting for a reason to adopt protective methods as a reaction to a threat, it is advisable for high net worth individuals and VIPs to connect with us. As an executive protection agency, we are a team of experienced and trained professionals who provide safety and prevent security issues.

Executive protection force

With a strategic force team that analyzes your risk, we ensure advanced planning and protect high net worth individuals and VIPs from all kinds of threats and risks to prevent financial, physical and reputational harm. Our executive protection force commits to professionalism, high-quality service and complete satisfaction. Available on short notice, we bring you a stable, protective platform from threats that are physical, psychological and technological.

Executive protection companies for 24/7 safety

With a surveillance team watching out for you and your environment, our executive protection company brings you unmatched protection against known and unknown threats from all directions. Privacy and confidentiality are critical to our mission, and we ensure that discreet services are provided in ensuring the safety and security of key-value personnel, government executives and celebrities. With years of experience and specialized expertise in the field of defence and countering threats, we provide a comprehensive slate of protection to you and your family members.